8/100 Julia Holter

Julia Holter played Glasgow on Friday night at SWG3, showcasing her last album “Have You In My Wilderness“.  An album that was one of my personal favorites from last year.  To say I was looking forward to this gig was understatement.


I went along to the gig with my mate Jonny, who was just back from honeymoon.  We met in Paesano Pizza in town for food before the gig.  The placed was rammed but what else do you expect when they serve the best pizza in town.  Once we had our food we headed down to SWG3, in the cold and wet of the night.  The joys of the Glaswegian winter…


By the time we got SWG3, DM Smith was performing the last few tracks of his set.  He finished and then there was that air of anticipation for Julia Holter to begin her set. She took to the stage with her the other 3 members of her band (viola, double bass, drums and Holter herself), and gave a shout out out to anyone who was at the gig in The Hug and Pint, last November.  A solitary figure out up his hand, to which Holter replied with much love for him.



After that she burst into song and wowed the eclectic mix of people in the crowd, with tracks from her current album, as well as her past 3 albums.  Between tracks Juila Holter showed another side to her, with her goofy charm and her stories for her love of Glasgow.  High points of the gig were “Feel You” and “Tragedy“, which showed her and her bands exceptional musical talents.

Julia Holter finsihed the night off with a cover of Burt Bacharach song and then an incredible rendition of “Betsy on the Roof“.  She was all set to do another track only for some poor girl down the front, who had fainted.  Julia wrapped up her set as they security looked after the girl.  A bizarre end to an sublime gig.





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