7/100 Four Tet

This weekend Claire and I ventured to London to see Four Tet perform live at the Roundhouse in Camden.  This was a gig that I have been looking forward to since I got the tickets. One for seeing Four Tet love and two for finally getting to a gig in the Roundhouse.
We headed to The Roundhouse after meeting friends for pizza, who had all been to more than one gig in the venue. All saying how impressive a structure it was for a music event.

Claire and I got there and the place was pretty much at capacity. Ben UFO was the support act and he was on form, as always. Not holding back on testing the sound system in The Roundhouse to its limit.

Near the end of Ben UFO’s, Four Tet wandered on stage to his set up and waited to get started.  He started off with low key, ambient electronic beats. Letting the light curtain behind glow in different sequences.

After 15 minutes or so, he upped the tempo and bass to the pleasure of the crowd.  For the next hour Four Tet migrated his way through his own work, whilst captivating the eyes and ears of the crowd, via the means of the light show.


Four Tet didn’t disappoint and I couldn’t believe how well the show worked, add how good the soundsytem in the Roundhouse  only enhanced the night.  As the show came to close Four Tet finished his set, applauded the crowd and left the stage.  This was one of the best electronic music live sets that I’ve seen and Four Tet himself agreed with that…




And for those who missed this epic gig, it can be found here via the Boiler Room’s Soundcloud:





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