6/100 Foals

Friday night was Foals at The Hydro, a band who I saw around ten years and wasn’t impressed then. I was hoping that seeing them on Friday would change my opinion of them…


Foals were supported by Everything Everything and we only caught the tail end of their set, which I enjoyed. I was a bit disappointed only to catch the last of their set but finishing on Distant Past was a highlight of the whole night.


After a brief turnaround, Foals came on stage to a load roar. They started strongly with Snake Oil, a track off their new album, What Went Down. This was probably the best track from their set, in my opinion, as I like the rockier sound from this album, which transmitted well live. Foals played through their back catalogue of hits and it was well received by the crowd.




However, I still felt they were average and I wasn’t over awed by their performance. Nothing really captivated me apart from the opening track, which made the night rather disappointing.  On the other hand if you speak to anyone who is a Foals fan they’ll wax lyrically how good they are as a band, their musical compositions that make up their records and how good a front man Yanis is. Add to this that their fans also say that they are the band but for me they lack something that makes them this great band.  No matter how much I listen to them I never seem to get it.  Anyway onto the next one.


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