5/100 The Blind Shake

On Saturday night I went along to The Hug and Pint to see The Blind Shake, solely off the back of hearing them in session for Marc Rielly on 6Music and I’m glad I did.
They were supported with two Glasgow bands; The Reverse Cowgirl and The Jackhammers. Both exceptional bands in their own right. Setting the tone nicely for The Blind Shake. Aggressive, punchy, garage rock from The Reverse Cowgirls and a nonstop stramash of pure punk from the Jackhammers.

Both bands had the old punks in the crowd bopping their feet and heads and lapping up the old school punk vibe to the night.
After they had blasted through their sets, with The Jackhammers even blowing their amp midset, The Blind Shake took to the stage.

Three bald guys, dressed in black with their guitars and drums. There was a buzz in the air for the anticipation of what was about to happen.  They came on blasted through their set as the bounced about on stage, hardly stopping for a breadth.

The crowd in The Hug and Pint lapped up every second of their set and the band looked like they loved every second of it too. Even if they did need a translator for the rappor that the crowd were shouting to them.

The Blind Shake are probably the best band I’ve seen play this year. I know it’s only February but I can assure you that it will take something special to see an act with so much love for what they do. This was clear in their set and add to how intimate the venue is, made it a great gig.

If you get he chance to see The Blind Shake live then do it!


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