3/100 Kathryn Joseph

On Sunday night I went along to the Mackintosh Church, with my fiancée Claire, to see the incredibly talented Kathryn Joseph.  This is the second time I have seen Kathryn Joseph perform and again it was in another unique venue.  The first time round, choice of venue was a spiegeltent in the middle of Paisley for the SAY Showcase, which was part of the SPREE festival.


When I went to see her first time round, I didn’t know much about her music or how phenomenal a singer Kathryn is.  All I knew of her was that her album, “Bones You Have Thrown Me” had just won the Scottish Album of The Year 2015 and she had beat off some serious competition from the likes of Paolo Nutini, Errors, Mogwai and Young Fathers.  I was intrigued and unsure of what to expect.  Kathryn came on stage, with her musical partner, Malcolm McKay, introduced herself and started to perform.  As soon as Kathryn started to sing I was speechless and memorized at how powerful her voice and lyrics were.  She certainly is a special talent.  By the end of that gig I had been on such an emotional journey, as Kathryn took us through her album, that words couldn’t describe just how amazing a performance it had been. Hence why seeing her again was a must.


I went along to this gig knowing what to expect but Claire had never seen Kathryn Joseph before and this was one of the reasons I got the tickets.  The show was part of the Celtic Connections Festival, which showcases Celtic music in the city of Glasgow.  They always host their shows in venues, that I don’t get to frequent often and this was my first time inside the Mackintosh Church, a hidden gem tucked just off Maryhill Road.




We got in time for the whole show starting and we saw Gareth Dickson bring his blend of classical acoustic guitar and vocals.  His performance was the perfect warm up for Kathryn Joseph, as his voice and melodies worked so well with the acoustics of the building.


This then led onto Kathryn and Marcus taking the stage to rapturous applause but as soon as they sat down at their instruments, there was a stone cold silence.  Everyone was eager with anticipation and Kathryn Joseph didn’t disappoint.  She played through her album start to finish.  The same raw emotion and power that I experienced when I saw her for the first time, was there again for all to feel.  Before Kathryn performed “the why what, baby?” , she gave a bit of a back story to it and about the painting she saw the words wrote on, as well the death of her first child, which was much of the inspiration behind this album.  The standout song of the performance for me was “the mouth“, who’s lyrics are very powerful and moving.  Kathryn and Marcus played the remaining tracks from the album and left stage to a roaring applause only to return and play an encore.  After they played out their encore, Kathryn thanked the crowd and this time she left the stage to a standing ovation.  This was another incredibly moving and exceptional performance from a very talented musician.



Afterwards, I asked Claire what she thought of the gig and she summed it up by saying Kathryn Joseph was phenomenal, her music powerful and lyrics very moving.  I don’t think I could have put it better myself.  Kathryn Joseph is a rare talent and nobody compares to her unique style and sound.  Words can’t describe just how good Kathryn Joseph is live and if you get the chance to see her play, don’t hesitate in getting tickets to go along.


Next stop, John Grant tonight.







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