1/100 The Libertines

Last nights gig was the first chalk mark on the wall and what a way to start. The Libertines are a band that need no introduction.  A band that soundtracked a lot of my twenties. A band that work so brilliantly live due to the relationship that Doherty and Barât have. 


This relationship was echoed in their performance last night as the band strolled on stage and the crowd in The Hydro roared with excitement at the sight of the iconic foursome. The Libertines wasted no time in getting started and opened with the opening track off their new album “Barbarians“. 
The band played through a collection of songs old and new, with notable highlights being “The Boys in The Band“, “Anthems for Doomed Youth“, “Gunga Din”, “Time for Heroes” and “Can’t Stand Me Now“.  The Libertines blitzed through their back catalogue of anthems before crashing off stage to “The Good Old Days” leaving the crowd begging for an encore.
As they returned a few minutes later they blasted out “Up The Bracket“, “What a Waster” and “Don’t Look Back Into the Sun” in typical Libertines fashion before Pete took to knocking over the stack of amps. And that signalled that The Libertines were truly back.
Gig one of a hundred done! Now onto Massive Attack tonight. 



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